established in San Francisco in 2012

Good People is a community built around meaningful conversations and delicious feasts, a moveable social club for those who value authenticity, a better way to connect with each other.

We come together to temporarily put down our agendas, let go of networking and delve into the topics that fundamentally shape our world.

Our community was born from a simple insight: Most of the enjoyment we gain from an experience has more to do with who we're with than what we're doing. Even the most lavish event, when surrounded by the wrong people, can feel unbearable. And the simplest inexpensive gathering, connecting with warm-hearted and inspiring friends, can alter the course of our entire lives.

We host about two to six events per month at various venues around the Bay Area, including Culinary Artistas and private homes.  Most of our dinners are for 30 to 40 people at a time, with a family style dinner prepared by a professional chef.  Each also includes a speaker on a particular topic of wide ranging interest. So far, thousands of locals and visitors have attended our dinners, overnights and retreats, more than 200 gatherings and counting.

Who are good people? They are our best selves, when we rise above tribalism and explore big ideas. Join us for incredible food, meaningful conversations and lots of laughter.

Raman Frey, Founder